A Great Evening

Yesterday was GREAT!! It started at half past three , when I got up and took a bath. I went to ELTI with my sister and my ma, my sister’d got a break-fast in her school, folowed by shalat tarawih together. I had ELTI’s verbal test, but i hadn’t study and i stressfully thought about my physics test that would be held today. When I arriced at ELTI, i did my ashr praying and then i started reading my GEC book. But, after about fifteen minutes, i felt bored and i stopped learning english ^^,

I opened my physics handout and read it, though i didn’t understand.. It’s about mechanical wave.. lamdha, frequency, and something . Being confused, i began writing in my handout but my handwriting made the handout unreadable.. Wew,, When my teacher came, Ardi and I became the first students who was examined. In spite of my disappointing result of verbal test (“i expect you to be better than this, but you took a long time to think before you speak,” mrs etika said), i passed the intermediate level.. Gyahaa.. My friends had finished their post-intermediate and advanced level since a long time ago… Shame shame, rosa!! But at least i got 91 at writen test and B+ at verbal! Hehe..

The good thing happened when it came to maghrib praying.

My friends told me to be an Imam of rheir magrib praying,, that was my first experience! There’s a bit difference between being imam at dzuhur and maghrib praying. In maghrib paying, the imam read al-fatihah and the short surah louder. I thought, that was a chance to practice my memorizing (see marhaban ya ramadhan). But then.. i felt nervous..

***First Rakaat**Bismilahhirrahmannirrahiim**alam nasyrah laka sadrak*wa wada’na anka wizrak**(and then??)**(very nervous)**(astaghfirullah)** Bismilahhirrahmannirrahiim**alam nasyrah laka sadrak*wa wada’na anka wizrak*alladzi anqada zahrak* etcetera until*wa ila rabbika farghab**(alhamdulilahirabbilalamiin gyahaha x3)***

***Second Rakaat**Bismillahirrahmannirrahiim**(quite long silence)*(God,,what surah will i read???seem like i forget it ALL!!even al-ikhlas or al-kautsar!!)*(VERY long silence)**qul auudzu bi rabbin naas*etcetera until*minal jinnati wan-naas***

Not a very good beginning, though, but at least i’ve had my first time. The second time would be better, if and only if Allah gave me that time ^^ well, “the first time” can always be the justification of any mistakes xD

Then what?? I went to gramedia, seeing my mother, and we walked together along Jl Sudirman’s pedestrian looking for restaurant, but ma chose mr burger.. Actually i didn’t really like mr burger, i prefer McD to it, but ma was too tired to walk. I nearly finished my dinner (cheeseburger,,w/out ring-on) when I realized that my bag was still in gramedia, ma told me to leave it there, but inseide the bag there was some physics book ^^

I came back to gramedia and took away my bag… We waited until my sister finished doing shalat tarawih.. Well, studying (physics) outdoor there was my best time studying. It seemed like that’s the right place to study.. In a beach chair (is it the right term? See mr burger fo the right kinda chair) and the lights of Jogja’s night.. With a half-moon above… and a cup of capuccino. Unfortunately, they had no more french fries,, yea, it’s night already.

I love the atmosphere. So urban.. So lively.. If I study biology there maybe i’ll love biology, hehe,,

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