i am now on the stage you call “labile”


ok, lets find out what merriam webster says about “labile”.

check this out.

Main Entry:la-bile
Etymology:French, from Middle French, prone to err, from Late Latin labilis, from Latin labi to slip — more at SLEEP

1 : readily or continually undergoing chemical, physical, or biological change or breakdown : UNSTABLE *a labile mineral*
2 : readily open to change

–la-bil-i-ty noun

got it?
am i an unstable mineral?
or i am readily open to change?

change for what?

change for a new, better life?

well, do i now have a life?

i am sorry, i know this is something you call “sampah” or “junk” or whatever you call it.

by the way, i hate those word. the word labile. the word “ampas” or “sampah”. i want to go back to my OWN life, my NDESO life.

my simple life.

i am ndeso. i cant catch y’all here up, guys. i am not your gang. i am individualistic.

do you know what’s the worst thing after all? i lost my idealism.