last bit of happiness

ini lagu yang tiap minggu gue nyanyiin. oke. lebai. gak tiap minggu juga sih. untung gue les bahasa jerman jadi terpaksa punya kamus bahasa jerman.


Leaf upon leaf floats lifelessly,

quietly and sadly from the trees;

its hopes never satisfied,

the heart dwells in dreams of spring.

Yet a sunny glance still lingers

in the late-blooming rose bush,

like one last bit of happiness –

a sweet hopelessness.

lifeless? the germany is leblos. leben – los. lifeless.

but still, a lifeless song can be full of sweetness.

but there is hope. if you believe. there is happiness, even if it is the last.

(letztes gl├╝ck – max kalbeck)

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