I just developed a mobile application titled Poco a Poco Cantando. Poco a poco means gradual, and Cantando means singing. So, Poco a Poco Cantando originally comes from an idea that “you can do something only if you exercise everyday”. For this idea, singing is the subject.
The app is actually a compulsory project from my course Multimedia System. My lecturer, Pak Yusep Rosmansyah, really emphasized us that “you have to build a mobile application”. euh. At first, we don’t really interested. But then, after i deploy my app in my cellphone, i am very thankful to God that i took this subject 😀
So, basically this app has three functionality. The first is singing tutorial. Singing tutorial teach you how to sing. How to breath, how to sound a note, etc. The second is vocalisation. Vocalisation gives you examples of vocalisation, a method on how you practice notes. The third is PianoForte. Pianoforte works as a pitch-pipe. It will sound a note you choose, as C, A, G#, Bb, and so on.
So, let’s sing together! you can download the app here 😉