Quick Update – Works, Health, and so on

These weeks (end of May, beginning to mid of June) has been kinda strange for me – I haven’t gotten any work to do yet many of my works were missed. It’s like, you have a job to do but you just don’t know it (it’s really NOT proactive).

And to clean up the mess – I had to receive complaints from my team and then write a loooong e-mail (to my client) at nearly 1 am after knowing that the problem didn’t come from the mistake I think it is – it came from another mistake.

Confused of my sentence? Yes I do realize it doesn’t make sense. So the chronology is:

  1. I don’t realize that I have works to do – by not following up an activity
  2. When I realize it it is too late (some activities in my project must be delayed because of my mistake, I think)
  3. I receive a complaint from my team
  4. I try to make things better (by contacting my client)
  5. It turns out that the problem is “me and my client an probably my team is not on the same page” – my client thinks the activity must be started next week
  6. I realize that my main mistake was not “not follow up” – it’s “not confirm something immediately when you think the other way around”. Now it become problem. Huh.
Fyuh. Yep that’s work.
Another update… I got cold last week and a bad cough coming along this week, but I’m better now. Haha luckily, my money didn’t go to the general practitioner on that disappointing hospital near my house. Yay. My money went to another medical specialist instead, but I hope it worth the money. No? No. Money I spend to doctor is not an investment -_-” It is a punishment from not having (medical) insurance. That’s why I promised to write about medical insurance here… During nearly a year when I don’t have medical insurance anymore (I graduated, turned 21, plus my father moved abroad) I have visited the hospital three times and paid by myself – even though for the last two visit I receive money from my parents after I gave them my bank account (I insisted not to give them my bank account because if I give them it’s likely that they will give me every time they thought I need it. However I gave them when my mom asked me to buy an airline ticket for her) and jokingly said that I accept donations after my mom asked me how much did it cost.
Another update? Got some exciting materials from work and now exploring on it. Phew. It’s like, my main job was forgotten and my side job (yes, that exciting material) took the place. -___-” Sometimes I hate that I love my job very much that when my uncle asked me what did I do outside my job I had nothing to say. In my free time I study (the ones that correlates to my job ((=). One of the example is that certification (which I still have no idea what it’s for. Prove myself that I can, maybe?) some posts ago.
Enough said. There’s still much to learn to.
P.S. I believe that experience is the best teacher, but at the point you know you repeat the same mistake you know that experience is not the best teacher. Experience and “willingness to do better” is. What’s the point of experience (of having a mistake, therefore you know the effect and you won’t do it again) if you repeat (it, i.e. that SAME mistake)? The thought crossed my mind somewhere on my numbered list up there before I knew that my main mistake was not that same mistake; it was another. Yet it didn’t remove the fact that I did the same mistake and received the same consequences.

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