Google 15th Birthday’s Swinging Pendulum

Well, actually, that’s a hanging pinata. lol =)) You can find it here.

Yesterday, Google celebrated its 15th birthday. What caught my attention was a mini-game on Google Doodles; we try to hit the pinata with a bat (well, technically the hanging pinata is a swinging pendulum and the bat has an axis) so in order to score the game you have to have a fundamental-physics understanding.

Since my physics illiteracy is oh-wow-even-an-elementary-school-student-has-better-understanding-of-physics-than-me, at first attempts I only score 80s.

But, everything changed when the Fire Nation attack! No. It changed when I went home and met Shanni and told him about the game.

He easily scored 150s. oh wow.

At first I thought that was just his good-luck in game (he is a gamer btw), but it turned out that it’s because he is physics-literate. He (maybe unconsciously) thought that the collision makes the score higher (he then explain Newton’s I, II, and III Law to me and say that the middle/lowest point of the pendulum has sigma-F zero and also highest acceleration) and also utilize the Law of the Lever for the bat.

To sum it up, you hit the pinata with the end/tip of the bat and hit it when the pinata is in its lowest point, when going back from the left to make highest effect of collision.

Well ok. :)) thanks Shan for reminding me of the Newton theory and those basic physics :)) I am really bad at science.


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