About Recording

So my friend Liu Wan from MoT just posted Creep – Radiohead, one of my playlist. So I decided to turn my room into a recording studio at 10pm. I’m sorry, my roommate. *I know you haven’t sleep, you’re still making noises* *and btw this is satnite, so yeah.*

When I was recording my voice, I realized that it sounds horrible. It really sounds like my usual voice in front of microphone and there are no echoes to the wall at all, as you usually hear your own voice or people’s voice in everyday convo. Remembering the “effects” presented in my old Clavinova, I tried to find out if there are any reverb effect in Audacity, a software I used to record and mix my songs. Turns out that it has reverb effect in the online help despite its absence in my Audacity version. Soon I figured out that I run an earlier version of Audacity. After downloading the update, I immediately applied the effect and YAY MY VOICE SOUNDS GREAT. Lol.

Just to show you guys the difference, this is You Make My World So Colourful by Daniel Sahuleka. I first know this song when I was in elementary school – my mother has the cassette.

Yay. haha.

And by the way, in this clip, I used iPad as a musical instrument!! Such wow. I miss my piano so bad. Yesterday my mom whatsapped me that one of the keys is broken T_T should I make the “investment” of buying a digital piano here?

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