ZA 30 MEI 2015 | 20.15 UUR | KLEINE ZAAL | WERELDMUZIEK | €12,50 | €10,00 | Arnaud Arindra A. Setio chef-dirigent | Brian Hutama Susilo dirigent | Geraldi Wahyulaksana dirigent | Maharani Meganti dirigent | Paskal Semerjiev dirigent | Ardelia Padma Sawitri sopraan | Rosalia Adisti alto | Sophie Peereboom klarinet | Nusantara Studentenensemble | Sweet Potato traditioneel Chinees ensemble | Sinds 2010 is Angklung Eindhoven actief om het muziekinstrument ‘angklung’ in Europa te introduceren. In vijf jaar tijd zijn er meer dan 50 optredens geweest in Nederland en België. Sinds 2011 is er een jaarlijks concert. Het concert van dit jaar is getiteld ‘Folk Songs of the World’ waarbij verschillende volksliederen gespeeld worden in samenwerking met zangers, dansers, Chinese traditionele intrumentisten, string ensembles en houtblazers. Het belooft een spetterend concert te worden!

So in StuNed day, Mrs Indy, the chairman of StuNed program, asked one scholar from Groningen: how was your life here?
The scholar said: I was stressed that I lost 20 kg.

I was also. I lost some ~5kg, back to my weight back when I was in my first year of working, still have liiiiitttlllleeeee salary.  Well my salary isn’t that much either, but my salary after 1yr working enabled me to go to work by cab 😛 and I ate a lot.

Well. I actually didn’t lost that much weight back then in 1st and 2nd quarter. But this 3rd quarter is sooo demanding and I am like noooo sleeeeep at night and I escape the stress (“tekanan batin”, literally “mental pressure”) through playing Candy Crush Soda Saga (wait. what. this doesn’t seem… good. “kayaknya gak gitu deh…”).

And I was also too lazy to cook rice. Fortunately my friend gave me farfalle pasta last Friday, so I cooked it Rosa-style. First was with milk, chicken, cheese, and rosemary-basil-oregano, and second was mi-goreng style with sweet soy sauce, sesame oil, and chicken.

This quarter I have a lot of load and nearly all of them give assignment. I have approximately 23 ECTS this quarter – supposed to only be 15 but I take Project Management of 5 ECTS (supposedly 3 ECTS but sooo demanding) and Dutch elementary course of 3 ECTS.


And here I am now, will study in campus until it’s closed, will try to do 2 assignments for tomorrow tonight: reading now and actually do the assignment later when I’m home.

And trying not to cry because of this tekanan batin.