Martabak Pancake, Rosalian Style

So I bought a pancake mix a few days ago. First time I bought something like that! Here here —-


Pannenkoeken Mix, bought in Jumbo

And then I thought — why not trying to make a martabak pancake? Sooooo I’d cook that martabak-style, despite using a pancake mix. Yep I decided to try. Hihi. I added halfvolle milk to the bottle.. And then I should shake it (I guess). But nah, it wont mix, so.I used a knife to stir it -_-“. Here’s how it looks like in my 28cm pan.


Before flipping over

Ha. Since this is a pancake mix, I can’t do that martabak style (1-surface). I have to flip that over.


After flipover

Not bad.

Add margarine… Sugar… Cheese… Condensed milk… And then fold that. YAY. Voila. Martabak Pancake, Rosalian style. Yum.


Martabak pancake yippi


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