Symphonized NRG Review

A few days ago I bought Symphonized NRG via eBay ($25price +$5delivery).


Cute, right. Notice the woods and the color. Heavy on bass. It took sometime to get used to the sound… I was used to Sennheiser CX200 which has a clearer, brighter sound.

Too bad, the mic sometimes doesn’t work on my laptop (ThinkPad X220 running Win7) and never works on my my cellphone (Xperia C).

It worked on Samsung phones and my iPad, though.

Anyway. I emailed them and they said they’d replace thr unit if I send them this “damaged” unit. Nah, I don’t want to spend €18 to send to New York…. And I found that some people were having trouble with earphone compatibility in Xperia. Itmight be Sony’s problem — I don’t want to spend money to send them and receive the same result.

So I’m keeping this. Lol.

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