Welcoming Paintguy

What should you do if there is a paintguy in your apartment, about to paint the front door and window frames?

It’s been 2 months since my apartment building first had its renovation work. It’s everywhere… Basically they try to make this a new building (facade level?). Um I mean… New paints. New floor. New key & intercomm. Everything. Lol. There has been paint guys and renovation-work guys outside my room on working hours.

This morning, 8am, one of them rang my apartment’s bell. He said he’d do the door and window frames paint. Okeh. But what should I do? What should I offer him? Hahaha. Back then my mom used to offer (not offer. Give.) hot tea and food (snacks) to them. What about the norms here?? Should I offer him breakfast?? It was 8am in the morning!! But idk if he’s ok with my random martabak pancake. Ok so what??

So I didn’t offer him the martabak pancake. I offered him coffee instead. Lol. Hope he’s ok with that. I’m.so sorry that he had to wake up in the morning and start working at 8 in this 12deg C weather (it was even lower this morning….). I’m sorry Mr Paintguy, I didn’t offer you my Martabak Pancake…

(on other thought: since I didn’t have any other mugs, I used my usual transparent glass mug for his coffee. Lol I need to wash it first :))) i don’t think it’d happen at home in Indonesia though, since moms usually have all glasses and mugs and cups for every purpose. For tukangs like him moms usually use the most simple glass.. Not the one the family usually use)

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