New Microphone: Blue Snowball Ice!

Yippi! Sumpah gue boros banget akhir2 ini. Beli macem2. Earphone lah. Webcam lah. Buku lah. Semua aja dibeli. Hahaha.

Satu deh nih yang barusan gue beli. Mikrofon. Udah niat dari jaman masih jadi penyiar Radio PPI Belanda, pengen beli USB mic. Berikut penampakannya.


[suddenly switch to English]

I bought this microphone from, around 58 euro I guess. The voice setting isn’t omnidirectional; it can only capture voice from in front of the mic. Entry level mic. As good as my previous laptop’s mic, I guess. Not that good. But it’s the best I can find with my budget lol. I didn’t buy pop filter also… so I’m looking forward to make a DIY pop filter. And btw I need to make the mic a bit far… If not my voice will go beyond the freq range and give the buzzing sound.

Wanna hear the sound test? Listen to my cover below 😛 😛 😛

Note: I used a sock for popfilter *abal-abal*, and used Audacity for mixing & editing. I only amplified some parts and did reverbs (small bright room settings), WITHOUT NOISE REMOVAL omg lol. Oh and btw I noticed my clock could be heard if I didn’t put it somewhere else.. So for now my wall clock is *safe and sound* under my blanket.

Meanwhile this is the UNEDITED one (no noise reduction, no reverb, no amplification, etc. recorded in my room)

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