The first time I went to Europe, it was Malpensa Airport. 2011. But after that the journey took me and my friends to Perugia, so we didn’t stop in Milan. We visited Milan the day before we had to fly again back home. It was nice going around Piazza Duomo and Galeria.

I made a stop in Milan, back in 2014. It was short and confusing: I was in a bus and it was a stopover to Rome. I knew no one, no one spoke English, no ticket counter open, and I had to survive alone.

The third time, I met someone here who I met on the internet. We talked everyday and never spent any day without talking to each other. He was, and still is, my support to live my daily life. We had a great time strolling around Milan. Mid March 2016. Only for a day.

Now I’m in Milan again. Doing thesis. I met him also yesterday, for only a short time. We bid goodbye in S. Ambrogio metro station: an awkward romcom-drama thing. Milan was rainy. We broke up. (The day after I’m still here because my flight is still tonight and I need to still do my thesis.)


(In the hotel, I found a map of Milan and found the great museums. I need to come back here. Someday. Visit the city the way I visit others. Look at the culture, look at the history, and everything. For Milan itself. I know I will.


Because Milan is the city I keep coming back to.)