Ada barang-barang (yang) bergelimpang di meja seberang.
   Apa pecah? Atau belah?
Bukan masalah.

Ada bunyi-bunyi (yang) bergelombang di luar ruang.
   Apa angin? Atau dingin?
Bukan main.

Ada gawai-gawai (yang tak kunjung) bergelinjang di genggaman mojang.
   Apa jaringan sedang terhalang? Atau bujang ingin hengkang?
Bukan apa-apa, hanya saja, kepada bujang hati mojang berkembang — walaupun tak mojang tahu ke mana bujang hilang.


Den Haag, 22 Februari 2017, inspired by appelsap87

A few days ago, I met with an old friend. We talked over dinner, and he asked me about what was Indonesia’s response to Trump’s immigration ban to 7 countries.

(If it matters, he’s Dutch and a staff in a political party.)

I replied, nada. Indonesians are busy with their own things. I told him we have this Pilkada governatorial election thingy this year so people are busy watching the debate and those things. And they’re busy fighting with each other on that (no, I didn’t tell him that, but basically that’s the fact). And a bunch other domestic issues. They don’t really pay attention of newest Trump’s policies and that’s not something that makes it to the “buah bibir masyarakat” aka trending topic.

In short, they have their own thing.

Then I told him, for me personally I follow an English-language Indonesian newspaper (The Jakarta Post), that’s basically my news source. Sometimes I checked other media such as Kompas, but I couldn’t fathom why they put those news on their website (basically, their web version is shitty, it’s better to read the actual newspaper they sell on the street). Same goes to Tempo. For international news, Quora is my source (it’s a little bit better, previously it was fucking 9gag, LOL).

He then asked me, don’t you follow a proper international news source?

I was like, nope. I used to follow all those New York Times – BBC – everything on Twitter (plus a bunch more of Indonesian news website, actually), but I unfollowed most of them. There were too much shit going on everyday, and I want a peaceful timeline.

Then he said, “Ah, so it disappear from your timeline, and that makes all those horrible things disappear to from the world? It doesn’t work like that…”

I laughed so bad. Of course, that wasn’t my intention. But I just said, yeah, of course it works like that…

He continued, “But anyway, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not like you’re someone who can change the world, an influential politician,”. Yes, indeed.

Ignorance is a bliss.


UPDATE: just wrote about Trump & “muslim ban”, so I guess it should have more response from Indonesia, lol.