This is crazy. I feel like I’m watching The Square or reading about Tunisian Jasmine Revolution. Here’s the lyric. God. Moving. This song is dedicated to Mohamed Bouazizi and the fallen children.
Well. Arab world, somehow, is full of conflict…

I like the idea. I like that they write a beautiful lyric, a moving video, and of course the superb musical arrangement. I found Hiba Tawaji from Spotify in Discover Weekly – I should thank Spotify for that. Discover Weekly featured her La Bidayi wala Nihayi – The Windmills of your Mind. She also sings an interpretation of Libertango (Tango al-huriya alias Tango of Freedom) with lyric from Ghadi Rahbani. Really, I should follow this Oussama & Ghadi Rahbani guys haha. Oh and btw, they’re from Lebanon.

What Spring am I singing, what Spring shall I talk about?
The grief coming out from me is a scream from my worried heart
What Spring am I singing, what Spring shall I talk about?
Those falling people are innocent, who is responsible?
We dreamt of a thriving Spring, which fragrance would spread over people
But this Spring turned out confusing, blossomed with blood of children and people
It started with a vegetables cart, then it turned into a Revolution in the field
They made our Revolution a red One which kills in the name of Religions
Big states entered into us with their political interests

Sleep flew away from our nights because of our unprotected houses
They brought those Barbarian Mongols from remote places
Their hearts are filled with indisputable and recalcitrant barbary and ideology
The roar of their voices flew, they told them: “You are combatants,
Arab World is your trench. Do not set apart a color or a religion”
The folks decided their fates, their rights to live freely
But, alas! Revolution took them back to slavery

What Spring am I singing, what Spring shall I talk about?
The grief coming out from me is a scream from my worried heart
What Spring am I singing, what Spring shall I talk about?
Those falling people are innocent, who is responsible?
The aim of the Revolution is progress, not regression
I dread the lenghtening of this Revolution turns us into a masquerade
I want a green Spring which announces a new summer
They turned us into a red Spring, they strafed us with weapons and iron

Summer’s shining sun rises behind Spring
After summer, autumn hears the thunder of the winter’s cloud
Thus that rain will come tomorrow and wash our red lands
The revolution of life comes back with the human scream
They called us “Arab Spring”, this autumn blossomed into chaos
The West prevented the Arab folk from becoming free through a white revolution
I dread for this Arab folk, Others are planning Revolutions (for him)

And Arabs remain ignorant as a child leading in kindergarten
What Spring am I singing, what Spring shall I talk about?
The grief coming out from me is a scream from my worried heart
What Spring am I singing, what Spring shall I talk about?
Those falling people are innocent, who is responsible?

I watched a lot of documentaries lately. The Act of Killing (Jagal). The Square. Dispereert Niet. The Smartest Guys in the Room. Hot Girls Wanted. The Look of Silence (Senyap). Jalanan (Streetside). Living on One Dollar. Whatever title I can’t remember. But, nothing is as moving as Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom.

(spoiler alert & long post alert, this is basically a review lol)

I spent nearly the entire movie crying, except two scenes of laugh: when the people put kitchen appliances in their head because of a new law which won’t permit people wearing helmet (yes ofc I remember *that* profile picture of mine) and near the end of the movie when a toddler smile and said Glory to Ukraine 😀

I found the Revolutionary Etude in the middle of the movie super relevant. Even though in this case, it’s Ukrainians vs Ukrainians (the Etude refers to Poland’s November Uprising 1831, vs Russia). As relevant as Ukraine’s national anthem which is sung again and again by the protesters.

Above all, I am shocked seeing people beaten brutally by the police. How the Berkut raided an emergency hospital. How Titushky also present there, not only in Indonesia (preman) and Egypt (baltagiya). And now I know how provocateurs work in chaos. Yes, those things are in media everyday and it happens all around the world in conflict area – but in this case, it is beautifully-yet-painfully told a movie: just as the one in Les Miserables! There are also more personal stories. One of them is when a doctor tell the audience that it’s heartbreaking to just admit that a patient is dead and not continue the CPR, because there are next patients waiting to be saved. If you try to save the current one, you might not have the chance to help the next.

(For the background, I know Ukraine’s case through an Universiteit Leiden public lecture and an Ukrainian friend I made when he sits next to me on a transatlantic flight, so not the media)

I know that the critics say that the movie only sees from one point of view which wants Ukraine to be part of EU, but, really, the audience are taken by the story. Told you before, I shed my tears throughout the film. Every scene leaves a scar in your heart. Every scene is a climax. 10/10.

It’s amazing how a word travels through the roads and seas. Told you before (in Facebook) I watched documentary of Egypt’s Tahrir Square (الميدان – al-Midan) and found on reddit that it’s screened amidst Ukraine’s Maidan movement. And like, wait. why are the words similar? After some word-stalking, I found that they indeed means the same: open square/field (“lapangan” in Indonesian). It was because of the Turco-Persian transmission in 9-10 AD (the Ukrainian word got its origin from Persian ميدان – meydan).

And guess what? That word also found its way to Indonesia: “medan”, which means a field. It’s still used in the same sense I guess (remember Medan Merdeka aka lapangan Monas? It’s in the center of Jakarta where Indonesian presidential palace is located – Medan Merdeka Utara).

Wow. Such a word.

Pagi dia masih tidur. Aku udah bangun dari jam 9, mandi, terus baca paper social media analytics. Sarapan. Karena aku udah baca seluruh paper dan aku bosan, aku bangunin dia jam 10.44. Dia bilang mau bangun jam 11. Karena aku (masih) bosan, aku ngajak dia ngobrol. Nyari kerjaan apa kabar? Oh, belom. Kalo ga dapet2 mungkin aku bakal pulang ke Yunani join the army. Apah? Masuk tentara? Ternyata di Yunani ada wajib militer.

Nih artikelnya, buat lengkapnya.

Dia cerita, perusahaan2 Yunani banyak yang mensyaratkan calon karyawannya udah ikut wajib militer. Perusahaan ga mau ini karyawan masuk setaun terus ngilang ikut wamil. Wamilnya 9 bulan. Dulu katanya sampe 2 tahun, jaman ortunya dia. Kalo sampai umur tertentu dia belom wamil2, bakal didenda deh kayanya. Seingetku sih dia bilang gitu. Ada exception untuk WN Yunani yg tinggal di luar dan ga ikut wamil. Dia bilang, pasti dia bosen bete banget di sana karena yang ikut wamil kan nyampur yang not-educated (dia nganggep lulusan SMA itu not educated. Atau maksudnya dia, gak university-educated). Mau ngobrol apa? Paling tentang women and drink. I said to him, ya udah kamu ajak ngobrol yang berbobot lah. Dia bilang, lah susah kali. Dia mau ngobrol tentang sepakbola aja, karena dia ngerti sepakbola. Btw, sebagai latar belakang, dia kayanya pernah ikut sesuatu-sepakbola dulu, dan pelatihnya nanya siapa yang (university-level) educated. Cuma 2-3 orang dari belasan orang. I never knew the education rate in Greek so… Ok let me find out: this. “… at the university level, as the percentage of men and women that complete tertiary education in Greece is almost the same, at 27% and 28% respectively.” (Indonesia berapa?)

Dia cerita lagi, kali ini tentang penempatan. By default, orang-orang yang ikut wamil dikirim ke seluruh penjuru negeri dan perbatasan. Tapi, ada orang-orang yang “punya koneksi” yang ngatur supaya dia servicenya deket rumah, bisa pulang. Lol. Temennya ada yg ayahnya di bagian civil-nya military, dan dia ngegodain temennya bahwa dia bakal pake koneksi ayahnya (tanpa persetujuan si temen) untuk ditempatin di Athena, deket rumah. Padahal, temennya nentang banget tuh, hihi (“Those people who do that are faggot…”). Tapi, dia bilang paling dia bakal ditempatin di perbatasan sih. Siprus mungkin (yang mana aku masih bingung gimana perbatasan, karena Siprus kan pulau sendiri? :p atau mungkin laut?). Dan beralihlah pembicaraan kita ke pelajaran sejarah.

Dia cerita: mungkin salah satunya kenapa Yunani punya wajib militer adalah karena Yunani merupakan negara yang penuh tekanan politik di perbatasan. Turki… I said that I know the president is mad, and he said that the previous ones are even worse and it’s not about the president, it’s about the country in general. Dari situ, kita ngomong tentang Izmir dan Siprus. Dia cerita bahwa dulu sempet ada ketegangan antara Yunani dan Turki di Izmir: itu sekitar tahun 1920 (article here). Setelah jadinya si Izmir dikuasai Turki, banyak repatriasi orang-orang Yunani di Athena, yang mana dia cerita deket rumahnya di Athena ada yg namanya “New Izmir”, rumah mereka-mereka yang “pulang”. Tentang Siprus, katanya dulu Siprus itu isinya orang Yunani. Terus Turki masuk. Katanya buat mensupport orang-orang Turki yang ada di Siprus. Dan, jeng jeng, one thing led to another, Berdirilah Republik Siprus. Yang mana dia bilang Turki menguasai setengahnya. Tadi pagi aku ga paham. Setelah ku-wiki hari ini, ternyata ada Siprus utara (Turkish part) dan selatan (Greek part), di mana Lefkosia juga dibagi dua. I never knew this even though I have spoken to someone from Cyprus before! Am I ignorant? (Tolong ya Ros, Nagorno-Karabakh aja baru tau beberapa bulan lalu).

(Dia sambil sarapan)

Dia cerita, kali ini tentang (military?) occupation. Dia cerita, Yunani dulu dikuasai oleh Ottoman selama 300 tahun. Tapi, sekarang ga mungkin, karena Yunani itu bagian dari NATO. Jadi, kalo ada yg mencoba… Bakal dimusuhin USA. Haha. Side story: aku kesel sama USA karena saking superpower-nya mereka penduduknya jadi arogan. “Who cares about Lesotho? It’s all about America!” Aku kemudian inget Crimea: dia bilang, Ukraina ga masuk NATO, makanya ga ada yg beking. Oh well. NATO sebenernya apa sih? Aku sebenernya cuma tau kalo dia military treaty negara-negara Atlantik utara.. Udah. Dia bilang, “most countries in the western world join NATO”. Kemudian ngobrol juga, kalo misalnya beratus tahun kita dikuasai negara lain, mungkin kita gak akan merasa dikuasai, kali ya. Aku bilang iya sih.. Generasi muda mungkin gak ngerti sejarah dan versi-sejarahnya dibuat oleh pemerintah. Well, balik lagi ke kisah Siprus, pasti ada kisah Greek-version, Cyprus-version, dan Turkish version. Mungkin sama kayak Timor-timur: Timor version, Indonesian version, mungkin sama Australian version? Lol. Makanya tadi aku juga cerita ke dia tentang Timor-timur (dan perbedaan versi sejarah Indonesia merdeka, versi Indonesia 1945 dan versi Belanda 1949). Tapi aku juga bilang, Tibet pengecualian, karena ampe sekarang mereka juga masih merasa di-occupy Cina.

Such a wonderful Saturday Morning. Ta leme!

Kapan lagi Rosa ngereview lipstik. Dunia ini kayaknya udah kebalik-balik.

Anyhow. I bought this piece after I watched this video, which successfully tempts me buy this Revlon Colorstay Overtime 16h. I already have L’Oreal Infallible lip 24h 507 Relentless Rouge (in Kruidvat, a nearby drugstore) and Maybelline Superstay 24h 585 Burgundy (in and the vid review corresponds correctly to my experience using those, so I thought I’d give this Revlon a chance. And btw I’m a big fan of BuzzFeed (the video is from them) – if you don’t feel like watching video, here’s the article.

So, within minutes after watching the vid, I bought the Revlon Colorstay Overtime. It took me minutes to choose the color, Eternally Tan, because I have no brown-ish longwear lipstick (the only one I have & I love the color is from Hema and it is like everywhere in my cups etc). Oh well, really, that’s a quick one, because usually I spent hours roaming in drugstore comparing colours, and after buying that I think there might be a better color 😛 but whatever. I found out that they don’t sell the lipstick in Netherlands, so I had to buy it from USA. I went to and choose one; I think it costs about $14 and I paid with PayPal (Btw, eBay and PayPal now separate their way apart so eBay will ask you whether you’d like to pay with PayPal or not. Usually it’s automatic).

A few days later (a day before my performance!) the package came! Yays. So I tested the long-wear of that lipstick on the day of my performance. I applied the lipstick in the morning (about 9.15 am) and this is how it looks like on 8.30pm (~11h after). Btw, since it’s too brown-y, I mix it with my L’Oreal Relentless Rouge. Here’s how I look like: 1st pic is in my apt stairs and 2nd pic is in my room 😛 *excuse to take selfies*

Btw, I’m too used to my L’Oreal infallible which make my lips feel dry, and I kinda don’t like this because it makes my lips feel sticky. I mean, it’s a good thing that my lips are hydrated (especially in this winter weather), but I need time to get used to. I didn’t notice whether it leaves trail on my food, but that 8:30pm look survives some Indonesian food: siomay, greasy-and-oily fried chicken, and sweet martabak.

And for you who wonder what’s the actual color of Eternally Tan, I reapply the lipstick this evening.

More brown, rightttt. And need a redder lipstick since I wear red scarf & skirt, but don’t want to make it super-red.

Anyway (again), I haven’t tested this lipstick if it’s date-night-proof (euphemism for boyfriend-proof?) (nah, boyfriend-proof is still euphemism). But, definitely, the Maybelline Superstay isn’t boyfriend-proof, trust me. Lol. I kinda don’t like that, it’s overpriced for something that won’t last for long and super hard to apply (actually that’s because I have the highly-pigmented dark color, which needs a more careful application compared to the more natural color).


Tau ga aku sekarang tinggal di mana? Iya, kota kecil bernama Delft. Sepi krik-krik-krik. Bukan sih, sepi kwek-kwek-kwek, soalnya isinya bebek.

Sebelum ini, aku di Jakarta nan ribut dan semrawut. Riuh ibukota: demo buruh, macet, dan lain sebagainya. Hehehe. Tapi, somehow, aku ga memilih untuk tinggal di ibukota untuk negara tujuan kuliahku. Somehow banget ya ni. Kayanya gara2 takut (Rosa? Takut? Serius? -___-“). At least merasa ga safe lah. Dulu, aku pengen kuliah di Itali. Inget, dulu liat berita-berita demo (rusuh?) di Roma, yang mana aku bersyukur “nanti kuliahnya di kota kecil Como kok, bukan di pusat politik yang didemo mulu”. Tau kan, Itali kondisi keuangannya nggak sebagus itu…

Pemikiran “kayaknya tinggal di ibukota nggak aman” ini sebenernya muncul (lagi: kemaren) gara-gara mikir tentang kakak sepupuku, Mbak Tia. Tau kan, Brussel kemaren riweh Molenbeek? Yang mana orang-orang bilang “Nggak ada teroris juga Brussel dari dulu udah serem”? Naaah, aslinya, si Mbak ini ngambil kuliah KU Leuven yang di Brussel. Tapi, somehow (aku juga nggak tau kenapa dia pindah jurusan), dia ambil jurusan lain yang kuliahnya di Leuven; jadinya dia tinggal di Leuven, cuma 2 hari seminggu nge-Brussel. Katanya, kemarin kampus Brussel ditutup, jadi dia nggak ngampus deh.

Setelah aku pikir-pikir lagi, iya sih, yang banyak muncul rusuh di berita itu di ibukota. Romania kemarin, aku nanya temenku yang anak Bucuresti keluarganya baik-baik aja gak (tau kan demo abis club fire yang one-thing-led-to-another akhirnya Ponta mundur? Aku masih nggak bisa nyambungin fire+stampede sama PM lengser), di mana aku nggak nanya ke anak Cluj-Napoca *ya nggak deket juga sih*. Contoh lain: Paris. Nggak usah dibahas lah ya ini, kalo nggak tau ada apa di Paris baru-baru ini kok ya kebangetan.

Itu aja deh, cuma mencurahkan pikiran dikit aja. Penutupnya apa ya? DC aja deh. Temenku yang di Washington, DC, cerita kalo di DC siaga satu juga after Paris incident. Katanya, beberapa hari yang lalu, ada insiden penembakan di deket apartemennya, yang bikin polisi jaga banyak banget (“Ternyata cuma penembakan biasa, bukan teroris,” kata dia. Hem. How can you say usual shooting -___-). Dia udah takut banget gitu, entah deh dia sembunyi apa lari ke luar.

Tot ziens! (Amsterdam apa kabar? Tiap ngomong tentang Amsterdam, anak luar pasti nyambungnya weed. Zzzzz)